I’ve been working in this industry for five years now. What has started with portrait photography has quickly expanded into directing films. My passion for directing started because of social media, through which I stumbled upon the independent film industries. It’s a privilege to take inspirations from experienced Hollywood directors such as Ryan Connolly and Alex Ferrari.


I love finding new people and collaborating with them, which is exactly my job. It’s very interesting to see different perspectives, which I can learn and find inspiration from. It helps me with future works and brings me joy to share it with the world. I’ve always had an interest in fashion. In fact, every aspect of it. Even the weirdest ones. Growing up in a small village in East Switzerland, I often got weird looks because of it but it’s never affected me which is why I’ve set a goal to bring those sides of fashion that you don’t see every day, closer to the people and make them more familiar with.


My passion for computer games and technology has always been present and it is expanding every day. One of the reasons for this is that I thoroughly enjoy adding knowledge to said fields. Technology is a very diverse branch and it has always fascinated me how it just keeps on developing and expanding. It is one of the reasons why I’m determined to be a part of this industry. I’ve picked up a lot of experience throughout the years in server administrations as well as production of video games.