Tales from a Pandemic – Switzerland (Film)

TFAP is an anthology from filmmakers around the world. 12 directors pruduce a fictional story in their Location.
All stories conclude in a feauture-film being released to distributeres like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & co.
Our team produced the Story of two Vampire brothers, created by Chris Keaton and written by Johannes Runge.
Chad Callaghan and Erik Olson are executive producers on the feature-film.

(in Progress)

Lookbook Thedreamsmate 2020 (Camera test)

We’ve added the new Panasonic lumix s5 to our arsenal and brought it out for a little test.

(October 2020)

Coiffeur Trovato (Commercial)

Commercial Video for social media and Web.

(September 2020)

Diego – Pegu 17 (Music Video)

This is a story about a young man losing his sister to cancer and fallin into drug addictions. We tried to follow the storyline and bring the moody feeling to the audiences screens.

(December 2019)

Black Heaven – Fate of Faith (Music Video)

Black Heaven is the lead Song from FoFs new album. In a short amount of time we collabborated to rise this project from the ground up.

(October 2019)

Coffee (Commercial)

This is a short inofficial commercial clip shot as a One-Man-Band. The goal was to create stunning cinematography on a tight budget.

(March 2018)